Opening of the Iport Bridge

Our children have been busy over the past couple of weeks working with Mrs Waterhouse in making a sustainable ‘ribbon’ to use for the opening of the Iport Bridge. The ribbon was made up of knotted and weaved jute thread with glass, wood and metal jewelled decorations clipped together every feet or so to make over a 3 metre length.

They were then invited to join Oliver Coppard, South Yorkshire Major, Olympian Ed Clancy and the fantastic team at Euroviva in opening the Iport Bridge and the grand unclipping of our sustainable ribbon. The bridge offers an environmentally friendly approach to accessing the businesses around the area with a great new transport, walking and cycling route.

Mrs Waterhouse is now keen to repurpose the decorative pieces around school within our Gardening Club, Forest School and nature gardens. Mrs Chappell who accompanied the children said it was a privilege to be a part of this local project but also that some of our children were the first to walk across the bridge!