Miss Bhdaal one of our Early Years Leaders is now a trained Forest School Practitioner and now delivers Forest School Education through timetabled curriculum in our Early Years but also through an afterschool club.

Miss Bhdaal provides nature based exploration, where discovery and nurture is the focus. Children talk about how each person is feeling and what they wish to explore during their time in nature. Miss Bhdaal introduces new ideas whilst encouraging them to decide their own direction. Our wildlife garden is full of textures and materials to enrich the senses and simulate the learning journey that the children undertake.

She allows the children access to different materials, tools and resources to allow them to explore the space and take appropriate risk so they can challenge themselves and have holistic development, be that social, physical, intellectual, communication, emotional or spiritual. At the end of each session, everyone reflects on their forest school experience drinking hot chocolate heated by the camp fire. 

Mrs Chappell Principal says that since Forest School’s was introduced to the Academy through Expect Youth last year and subsequently Miss Bhdaal completing the training, she has noticed a real difference to the children who attend. She believes that Forest School helps to increase confidence, allows every child to develop their voice and stimulates learning in a totally different approach.