"Safeguarding meets requirements. The leadership team ensure that all safeguarding procedures are in place. There is a culture of safeguarding, from the caretaker undertaking daily risk assessments on site to pupils being taught how to stay safe and to feel confident to disclose any worries or concerns they may have. The academy advisory board inform themselves through audits, visits and discussions with pupils that this is so. Staff are fully up to date in training and receive regular briefings in staff meetings. Everyone sees safeguarding as a priority. As a member of the board stated, 'No concern is too small a concern." (Ofsted July 2019)

Our safeguarding policy can be found on our statutory page 

Our Academy has staff members designated for Safeguarding and Child Protection duties.

Should a pupil make a disclosure, you should report this to:

Mrs L.A. Chappell

Principal and Designated Safeguarding and Child Protection lead.

Tel: 01302 868378

Mrs Kay Shaw

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Our Pastoral Manager is level 3 Safeguarding trained, works alongside outside agencies and closely with the designated safeguarding lead.

Tel: 01302 868378

Mrs Linsey Tomlinson

Our Office Manager is also level 3 safeguarding trained.

Tel: 01302 868378

Nina Brannon

Safeguarding Governor c/o Kirk Sandall Primary School, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster

You can also report a concern to


Preventing Radicalisation is part of our commitment to keeping our pupils and the school community safe. Since the Education and Inspections Act 2006 schools have a duty to promote community cohesion. Over the last few years, global events have led to a growth of extremist viewpoints, including advocacy of violent extremism.  Schools have an important part to play in both educating children and young people about extremism and recognising when pupils start to become radicalised. In March 2015, new statutory duties were placed on schools by the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 which means they must work to prevent children being drawn into extremism.  Safeguarding children from all risks of harm is an important part of a school’s work and protecting them from extremism is one aspect of that. 

Please see our policies below or click on the links provided by DMBC for useful information and guidance.

You can also report a concern to Doncaster Safeguarding Children's Board via their website which is 

National Website to report online material promoting terrorism or extremism.


ChildLine (NSPCC)

Confidential Hotline 0800 1111

Online contact via


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