Rainbow Pledges

Rainbow Pledges allows pupils to be aware of and gain recognition for achievements beyond the curriculum and to support pupils to develop in many diverse aspects of life at an age appropriate level. These in turn build confidence, knowledge and resilience, developing responsible, respectful and active citizens able to play their part and to become actively involved in public life as adults. This also develops pupils' understanding of Fundamental British values, democracy, liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance and develops pupils' character and personal qualities. These will be celebrated and rewarded termly.

These achievements will be recognised through a series of pledges, these are:

(Red) Extra Curricular: I will regularly attend an extra-curricular club (this can either be at school or outside of school)

(Yellow) Home Learning: I regularly complete my home learning challenges (this includes homework, reading at home and children choosing to bring in work done at home).

(Pink) Healthy Living: I show by my words and actions that I know how to keep myself healthy.

(Green) The Environment: I show by my words and actions that I care about the environment.

(Purple) Citizenship: Both within the school and the local community I am a respectful, active citizen and make a positive contribution to society.

(Orange) Leadership: I show by my words and actions that I am a leader and positive role model to others.

(Blue) Democracy: I am aware of and have respect for similarities and differences in others and show this in my words and actions.