Phonics & Read Write Inc 

Phonics at Grange Lane Academy

What is Phonics? 

Phonics is the study of sounds. Children are taught to read and write using phonics, linking the phonemes (sounds in words) and graphemes (the symbols used to represent them).

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Phonics is taught across the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.

How Phonics is Taught at Grange Lane Infant Academy

At Grange Lane Infant Academy phonics is taught using the Read Write Inc Programme. Teachers follow structured lessons as part of the Read Write Inc programme.

The sounds are taught progressively, Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 sounds. Each sound is introduced with a short rhyme and picture to make the sound memorable.

Red words are also taught, these are words that cannot be sounded out and have tricky letters. These words need to be taught to be read on sight.

RWI in Nursery

Our Read Write Inc Programme begins in our Nursery where adults and children share a wide variety of books. This allows the children time to explore and use new vocabulary and understanding of story book language. Children are then introduced to the pictures that go with each sound in the set one sounds. In the third term the children begin to learn the letter sound correspondences. Children then move through to the reception class where their RWI journey continue. Our aim is to develop the children’s phonological awareness.

Useful Links

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Programme of Teaching Expectations

Foundation Stage: Reception class

End of Autumn 1: Read single-letter Set 1 sounds

End of Autumn term: Read all Set 1 sounds; blend sounds into words orally

End of Spring 1: Blend sounds to read words; read short Ditty stories

End of Spring term: Read Red Storybooks

End of Summer 1: Read Green Storybooks; read some Set 2 sounds

End of Summer term: Read Green or Purple Storybooks

Year 1

End of Autumn 1: Read Purple Storybooks; read some Set 2 sounds

End of Autumn term: Read Pink Storybooks; read all Set 2 sounds

End of Spring 1: Read Orange Storybooks; read some Set 3 sounds

End of Spring term: Read Yellow Storybooks

End of Summer 1: Read Yellow Storybooks; read all of Set 3 sounds

End of Summer term: Read Blue Storybooks

Year 2

End of Autumn 1: Read Blue Storybooks

End of Autumn term: Read Blue Storybooks with increasing fluency and comprehension

End of Spring 1: Read Grey Storybooks

End of Spring term: Read Grey Storybooks with fluency and comprehension

End of Summer 1: Access RWI Comprehension and Spelling programmes

End of Summer term: Access RWI Comprehension and Spelling programmes

Assessment of Phonics

Our pupils are monitored daily to ensure that no pupils get left behind. If a child is struggling, then timely intervention is put into place immediately.

Pupils are assessed half- termly using the RWI Individual assessments. The Reading leader organises the RWI groups providing support to class teachers in identifying children who will be targeted allow all children to ‘Keep up’. Interventions will all take the form of RWI 1:1 tutoring.

In addition to RWI sessions

 Phonics activities are available throughout the continuous provision to support adult led activities.

  • For those pupils who are unable to keep up in class, extra phonics support is planned to their needs.
  • The application of phonics learning is developed across the wider curriculum.

. Phonics readiness is supported via the Launchpad to Literacy approach.

Reading Books

At Grange Lane Infant Academy, we start children’s reading journey by providing every child that starts in Reception with an amazing book bag package that includes; a book of nursery rhymes, a traditional story and a guide for supporting early phonics and reading at home.

Children take home a Read Write Inc reading book that is decodable and matched to their phonic knowledge, this is a book they have already read in their Read Write Inc lessons and another reading book that is linked to this book. They also select a sharing book to read for the purposes of developing their comprehension skills and ensuring children have a rich reading experience. Pupils are encouraged to select a library book for themselves which an adult at home may read to them. Children also have access to an online reading scheme called Bug Club, where books are set that are matched to their phonic knowledge.

You can also access around 70 FREE RWI books on the Oxford Owl website.