" I noted how you and your early years team had worked successfully to develop the outdoor area for the youngest children to enhance skills and promote critical thinking. This means that children are able to practise and reinforce previous learning, so increasing their progress". (Ofsted July 2019)

During the Nursery year our aim is to provide a stimulating environment in which children feel happy and secure where they can take steps to independence. This period gives an introduction to full time education and provides a good transition from home to school.

Your 15 hours of free early year’s provision you may take these hours in either of the following ways:

Sessional = 15 hours

5 mornings: 8.30am-11.30am or 5 afternoons 12 midday-3.00pm

Flexibly = 15 hours

Parents can choose to use their 15 hours provision in full days. Currently we offer a full day Monday and Tuesday with time in Wednesday morning’s session or time in Wednesday afternoon’s session with a full day Thursday and Friday. Parents are given the option of applying for a free school meal, providing a packed lunch or paying for a school cooked meal for the full days provisions. Unfortunately nursery children are not covered in the Governments Universal Free School Meals.

Flexibly = 16 hours

For those opting for flexible provision -2.5 days a week for which the parent carer has chosen to stay in line with the full day or sessional provision: Monday and Tuesday all day and Wednesday morning all session OR Wednesday afternoon all session, all day Thursday and Friday, equating to 16 hours per week.

The termly charge for this extra hour a week would be £55 a term or a cheaper charge of £150 a year payable in advance. This again is substantially cheaper than the £4.54 per hour funding which the school receives (this would add up to £172.50 per year)

Full term charge is applicable at any starting point in the term and is non-refundable should personal circumstances or admission at change. If you decide to take advantage of the cheaper yearly cost, the same terms apply.

This charge does not include the cost of a school cooked meal, this will be charged weekly at the current school meal per day rate. Alternatively you may apply for a free school meal or provide a home packed lunch.