Year 1 Parents' Information Meeting

We were delighted with the turnout from parents/carers for the year 1 information session. This meeting gave parents the chance to watch their child learning a phonics lession and then join teaching staff in the hall for a parents' guide to phonics and read write inc!

We were also delighted that a massive 64% of parents in this year gave feedback on our short questionnaire, with 64% agreeing the meeting was useful and 64% interested in attending future meetings regarding their child's education!

These are some of the comments we received too!

"This has been really helpful, I was unsure at first on how I could help my child at home, now I know what is expected."

"Enjoyed seeing how well my daughter is doing in phonics."

"Really enjoyed seeing my daughter in class and how she learns. She really enjoys phonics and is always doing this at home."

"Thank you for inviting us to see what our children are learning."