Wear Red Day for Congenital Heart Disease

On Friday 7th February, Grange Lane Infant Academy supported Children’s Congenital Heart Disease by joining the official wear red day. Congenital heart disease is a heart condition or defect that develops in the womb, before the baby is born. There are different types of congenital heart disease, a baby’s heart valves may not be properly formed or their maybe holes between the chambers of their hearts. Thankfully, for the majority of babies diagnosed, their condition is a minor problem with either doesn’t need any treatment or can be successfully corrected with surgery. Kobi (one of our nursery children) and his family have had first-hand experience of the support, care and treatment the children’s heart surgery fund provides and we were delighted to help support them in raising funds for this great cause. So far the fund raising total is over £280 – this will help the charity in providing essential support to families going through this worrying time. Our £280 could help provide 2 Kardia Mobile devices which allows parents to record their child’s heart beat remotely on their mobile phones, pay for 2 overnight accommodation for a family to stay close during hospital treatment and 2 teddies and medals for a child after surgery.

Kobi’s nursery teachers, pictured with Kobi and his Mum also planned red activities in the nursery to make the whole day special for when Kobi arrived. Kobi’s friends were also delighted to join in with the red activities too with one making his own special red t-shirt!