The Big Book People Bus

On Tuesday we were delighted to welcome the Big Book People Bus to our academy. When the children climbed the steps and entered the bus they were greeted with lots of exciting story, brilliant board and fantastic fiction books. The children loved browsing the shelves, looking through the collection and paying Book People Steve for their chosen book with their spending money given to them by their parent/carer that morning. Mrs Mellor even decided to test out a story with her group of children by reading it to them on the bus! It was so good she decided to buy it to share with her grandchildren! The bus stayed for the whole day so some children decided to visit the bus with their parent/carer afterschool too. When we asked some children about what they thought about the bus, these were some of the comments: “It was fun climbing up into the bus and seeing all those books”, “I liked buying my own book”, I bought the Dinosaur who pooped a Princess I can’t wait to read it!”, There was lots of different books to choose from, I liked looking through them”.