Safer Internet Day

Our focus today was how to use the internet safely, what we can share online and what platforms are appropriate to access.

This is the advice from UK Safer Internet Centre for children aged 3-7 years but we would also recommend that when a young child is online, there is always supervision from an adult.

Our internet, our choice, so… 

  1. Choose to make good choices online

    Every time we go online there are lots of choices we have to make. For example, which game should I play? Should I reply to that message? Should I click that button? Remember to make choices that are kind, respectful and safe and always check with an adult if you’re unsure about something online.

  2. Choose to ask if it’s okay

    If you are about to do something online that will affect other people, make sure to ask, ‘is it okay’? If someone says no, we need to respect their choice and choose to do something different that won’t worry or upset them​ 

  3. Choose to keep personal information safe online

    Always keep personal information safe online and check with an adult before you share. Personal information includes your full name, where you live and where you go to school and it can belong to you or someone you know. If someone is asking for your personal information online, then tell an adult and never agree to meet up with someone you only know online. ​

  4. Choose to find out more

    What do you know about the internet, and what does it know about you? The internet can sometimes collect information about us when we sign up to new apps and games. If you’re not sure why you are being asked for this, check with an adult first. ​