How can I contact you?

Telephone Number 01302 868378

Email: info@gliacademy .org.uk

Grange Lane Infant Academy, Grange Lane, Rossington, Doncaster, DN11 0QY

What is Little Grangers?

Little Grangers is our 2 year old provision, which opened in September 2016. You can find more information about Little Grangers here Little Grangers

What are your nursery session time?

Our nursery is flexible so this means you can choose to use your 15 hours free provision in a variety of ways.

Morning Sessions 8:15am until 11:15am 5 days per week

Afternoon Sessions 11:45am - 2:45pm 5 days per week

or Flexible Provision

A full day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday AM or Wednesday PM and full day Thursday and Friday.

Are there any charges to Flexible Provision?

Unfortunately the nursery does not come under the Universal Free School Meal scheme for infant children. So if you wanted school to provide one of the home cooked hot meals this would be chargeable on the full days. Alternatively you could provide a packed lunch. Current charge for a nursery school meal is £1.80 per day.

If you also decided to leave your child for the whole of the session times, this would exceed the 15 hours free provision. It would equal 16.5 hours so there is an additional termly charge for extra provision. If you wish to only use 15 hours please speak to a member of staff as to how we can accommodate you.

My child currently attends nursery, but Grange Lane Infant Academy is not our catchment school. Am I able to apply for a reception place at Grange Lane instead?

Yes of course, the choice of reception school is totally yours. On the council admission form please put us as your first choice of school. As long as we have enough available places we would endeavour to support children and their families no matter of where they reside.

What are the main school times?

The school opens at 8.40am for children of reception, years 1 and 2, with registration at 8.50am.

The end of the end of the school day is 3.00pm

I need childcare before school and after school, can you help?

Yes we have a 7.30am provision which is just £1 per day

Breakfast club which is FREE starting at 8am

Afterschool we have our club which opens for a small cost of £5 up to 5pm and £10 up to 5pm per child per day. A light tea can also be provided at a small additional cost.

Please enquire at the office for more detail.

Can I buy all my child's uniform from you?

We sell school jumpers and cardigans with the school logo. You can also purchase book bags too! If you need more information on school uniform click here School Uniform

What about a PE kit?

A change of clothing, shorts and t-shirt is fine, during the summer months when PE is more frequently outside it would be advisable to put a pair of pumps in their bag also.

Does my child need a bag?

Yes, we would say a bag would be useful for all children here at the academy. Children are often given Read Write Inc (RWI) work to bring home and practise and will also have a reading book. Letters and newsletter are frequent also. Children in our early years often bring home pieces of art and design they have completed in class also.

How can I help my child at home?

Reading at home with your child is so important, share a book together, listen to them read their school book or RWI book. Then ask questions about the story to help their understanding so questions such as 'Why do you think he/she did that?" "What would you do if that happened to you?" "Where is the story set and how can you tell?" "Which bit did you like best and why?" "Was there anything you didn't like and why?" There are more examples in cover of your child's reading record book.

If your child has been given a list of spelling to practise, test them and test them using varying orders.

Can my child change their reading book every day?

Children are encouraged to read their reading book more than once to help with fluency and understanding. If your child reads every day and you write a note in the reading record book they can change their book more often than once a week. Please speak to child's teacher if you think your child has had the same book for too long.

How can I apply for my child to get school milk?

The milk scheme is no longer controlled by schools. You need to register with Cool Milk for your child to receive a drink here in school. The milk is charged in termly amounts. Cool Milk. It can take a while for your child's name to appear on the list here in school, so it is advisable to apply straight away.

My child has an appointment in school time, what do I do?

We encourage all none essential appointments (hairdresser, check ups etc) to be made during the holidays or afterschool. However we appreciate that this is not always possible with appointments such as hospital or speech therapy for example. If you have an appointment, please bring a copy of your letter to the main office. They will then take a copy of the appointment to ensure the register is marked with the appropriate absence category.

My child is ill, what do I do?

Please ring school as soon as you know your child will not be able to come to school. We have an absence answering machine if this is out of school hours. Please tell us:

Your child's name

Your child's class

The reason your child is absent, please give detail rather than say they will not be in, as this will mean a member of the office will need to contact you to find out what the reason is.

If your child is still ill the following day, we would appreciate you contacting us to update the information we hold.

Why do I have a letter concerning my child's attendance?

We appreciate that there will be times when a child is too ill to come to school and as a result this can affect attendance. If your child's attendance drops below 97% we are obliged to inform you of an attendance concern. If attendance continues to drop we would ask for support from the Attendance Officer for the area or the Educational Welfare Officer for the borough. 95% attendance although sounds good, still means your child has missed 2 weeks of valuable learning time.

I am having trouble with my child's behaviour at home and feel like I need some support.

Our Pastoral Manager Kay Shaw would be happy to help. She is a highly skilled member of our staff who can support families with issues such as behaviour, sleep, toileting, emotional and mental needs. She also has contact with a lot of external agencies who can provide additional help if needs be. Please call the office and ask to speak with Kay.

I have concerns about the behaviour of another child and it is affecting my child. What do I do?

Come and talk with us, your child's class teacher and the Principal Mrs Chappell would ensure that any concerns are listened to, acted on and supported.