Tiger Who Came To Tea Book Bag Launch

On Wednesday 2nd October at 9am for Reception and 8.30am or 12pm for our main nursery, we would like you and your child to join us for our Delta book bag launch with The Tiger Who Came to Tea! During our themed morning, parents and carers will be able to play with their child on various activities but also enjoy some lovely cakes and buns as an extra special treat!
At the end of the activities, will be giving out our new Delta book bags that have been filled with lots of different goodies, all to help give additional support for some of our youngest children with reading and writing. As this is the first year we have introduced this, all of the main nursery children and children in reception (ladybirds and butterflies) will receive this free gift from the academy. The book bag and all of the exciting goodies within are free to take home. If you happen to have a child in both nursery and reception, please mention this to a member of staff so they can help you support both your children during the stay and play.
The book bags are only available at this launch so please do not miss out, all you need to do is turn up, play and eat cake! It doesn’t get any better than that! We look forward to welcoming you all this exciting event on Wednesday 2nd October