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Thank you everyone who completed the questionnaire at our recent parents evening – your views of the academy and how we can improve even more are very important to us.  We had a fantastic response and I am delighted with the results which are shown below. As you can see, an overwhelming majority of parents are very supportive of the academy and everything we do here.

Questionnaire 2017

QuestionStrongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeUnable to comment

My child enjoys school.

83 = 86%14 = 14%   

The school keeps my child safe

86 = 89%11 = 11%   

The school informs me about my child’s   progress

78 = 80%19 = 20%   

My child is making enough progress at the   school.

83 = 86%13 = 13% 1 = 1% 

The teaching is good at this school.

90 = 93%7 = 7%   

The school helps me to support my child’s learning.

91 = 94%6 = 6%   

The school provides information and guidance   on how to support my child’s learning.

86 = 89%11 = 11%   

The school helps my child to have a healthy   lifestyle.

80 = 83%16 = 16%  1 = 1%

The school makes sure that my child is well   prepared for the future (for example changing year groups, changing schools)

85 = 88%10 = 10%  2 = 2%

The school meets my child’s particular needs.

87 = 90%10 = 10%   

The school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour.

79 = 81%16 = 17%1 = 1% 1 = 1%

The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns.

78 = 80%17 = 18%  2 = 2%

The school is led and managed effectively.

83 = 86%14 = 14%   

Overall, I am happy with my child’s experience at this school.

89 = 92%8 = 8%   

We also received some fantastic comments, which will help us to progress and improve even further. We have provided a response to these comments also. 

Comments received and our response

A little more hand over information on an evening.

Unfortunately, as the teacher have so many children to hand over at the end of the day it is not always possible to relay how each child has been during the school day. Teachers, however, will always ensure they pass any first aid, behavioural or issues of concern over straight away. Please though feel free to wait behind to ask for more information or arrange time with the teacher for casual chat.

I think the academy is doing everything great and I am so happy with my son’s progress.

We are delighted that you are happy with your son’s progress, all our children try so hard in their learning and we are extremely proud of each and every student here in the academy. We are pleased that you are happy with everything we do, we constantly work hard in ensuring we meet the needs of all our families and are always striving towards even greater things!

More stay and make sessions.

It’s great that you enjoy the family stay and make sessions – we do have more coming up very soon! Dates are on the newsletter, that was given out last week.

I am very proud of my daughter’s progress and learning in school.

It’s great to hear you are very proud of your daughter’s progress, we know that partnership with parents is key to enabling children to meet their full potential so we want to thank you for your support also!

Everything’s perfect, couldn’t wish for a better school for my child.

Thank you so much! All staff, from the office, to the classroom, to the lunchtime supervisors, Governors and Senior Leaders will be so pleased that you feel this about our academy.

During parents meeting it would be nice to see children’s work and observations made. Also, it would be great if the school age went up to year 6.

Thank you for your comments and this will definitely be put to staff for the next parents evening. In the meantime, currently our nurseries and reception are signed into an observational program called Tapestry. This program allows parents to see, from the comfort of home, the observational assessments that staff have made but also allows you to add your own. We have found this to be a really successful and a very useful progress tool, so we are currently in the stages of setting up the system for years 1 and 2. Details will follow shortly!

With regards to year 6, what a great compliment that you would be happy for your child to stay with us until then. I am afraid this is beyond our decision and would depend on the council for any changes to the school’s provision. 

Thank you for your continued support and honest feedback. Please remember, if you have an idea or something you would like to share with us, then please get in touch.

As well as direct feedback to either Mrs Chappell or your child’s teacher, Ofsted now has an online Parent View website which we encourage you to visit. Parent View is the main route for parents and carers to give their views to Ofsted during a school inspection and at any time of year. It features 12 questions that cover a range of issues important to parents and schools. Once a small number of surveys are completed, the results for the school are visible in Parent View

For more information about Parent View visit our Parent View page

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